5 Fun Things to Do with the Kids in Chandigarh

Parents, here’s an odd one for you! When traveling the world, you always want to ensure that your children have a good time on vacation, but always with the thought in the back of your head that you want them to learn something about the places and peoples they experience for the first time. So then, when visiting Chandigarh in northern India you will want to find fun things to do with the kids while interspersing a bit of educational information between activities.

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1. A Guided Tour Is a Must

A guided tour is an absolute must because Chandigarh could pose a bit of a quandary for you. You may need a tour guide to explain this one to your kids since this one city is actually the capital city of two separate states, Punjab and Haryana. While it may be interesting to you as adults, it will probably confuse your children who are old enough to have begun learning the capital cities of each of the 50 states back home. Maybe a tour guide could explain it better than you could.


2. Spend an Afternoon at the Fun Factory in Sector 9

Since the city is laid out in sectors, take special care with your Chandigarh hotel booking. You will want to stay at a hotel with superior customer service to help you make arrangements for getting around the city. In Sector 9 there is a place dedicated to the little ones and Fun Factory is all that a kid could ever want for entertainment. With a play area called “Giggles,” you can imagine there is much to keep your kids giggling and the library has more than just books. It is here where your kids can color and when their work of art is complete they can show off their works of art in the exhibition area.


3. Fun City at the Elante Mall

By this time, you may be thinking Chandigarh is all about having family fun and you wouldn’t be far from the truth. This particular mall is well-loved by parents and kids alike because the Play Zone upstairs was designed to enjoy adventurous activities such as the Hello Kitty Fun House, an Ocean Carousel and of course Crazy Gliders and the Safari ride. The Elante Mall is located in the Industrial Area Phase 1.


4. See a Real Live Bengal Tiger at the ChattBir Zoo

As the largest zoo in northern India, the ChattBir Zoo highlights at least 80 different species of endangered and rare birds, reptiles and animals. The family can walk through the zoological park to see animals in open enclosures, but not to worry, the Royal Bengal Tiger can’t get out to do anyone harm. If you’ve rented a vehicle for your stay in Chandigarh, why not drive slowly through the deer safari to take a few candid shots of deer roaming freely?


5. A Day at the 25 Acre Nek Chand Rock Garden

You’ll surely want to visit the Rock Garden where there are amazing rock sculptures of dancing girls. Don’t be surprised to see hundreds of birds flying about and landing on the dancing girls but do take time to wander about to see more than 2,000 rock sculptures. It isn’t the kind of fun you’d think of back home, but this one amazing city listed as a World Heritage Site doesn’t need theme parks to keep the kids busy. They’ll love every minute of their stay and if you are lucky, you just might find a few elephants the kids can ride as well.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can vacation in Chandigarh?