About Character Education


In the beginning, the human being born always carries the personality. A person’s personality is the identity of a person and usually describes the person’s nature and behavior. Generally, there are 4 kinds of human personality and there are many theories that use different terms and some even use the color, but the pattern remains the same. And here are the types of human personality.

Human Personality

  1. Choleric

Choleric type is characterized by a person who likes independence, firm, fiery, likes challenge, boss upon himself.


  1. Sanguine

Sanguine type is characterized by practical, happy and cheerful always, likes surprises, loves social activities and fun.


  1. Phlegmatic

Phlegmatic type is characterized by collaboration, avoid conflict, do not like a sudden change, a good conversation, like the sure thing.


  1. Melancholic

Melancholic type is characterized by detail, saving anger, perfectionism, likes clear instructions, routine activities are well-liked.

character education for your better success


Definition and Meaning

  1. Education

Education is a conscious and systematic effort in developing the potential of learners. According to Wikipedia, Education is a learning of knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people who are passed from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Education often takes place under the guidance of others, but also allows self-taught.


  1. Character

Character is an inner nature that affects all thoughts, behaviors, manners, and character possessed by humans or other living being (edited from id.wikipedia.org). Character is more typical values, good character, morals or personality formed from the result of internalization of various policies that are believed and used as a way of thinking, thinking, behaving, saying and behaving in everyday life.


  1. Character building

Character Education is a conscious and planned effort to create an atmosphere and process of empowering the potential and culture of learners in order to build a unique personal or group character as citizens. In another dictionary Character Education is a form of human activity in which there is an educational act destined for the next generation.


Character education function

Character education function is to develop the basic potential of a child to be good, good behavior, and good minded. With its great function to strengthen and build the behavior of multicultural nation children. Besides character education also serves to improve human civilization and a good nation in the world of association. Character education can be done not only in school but also from various media covering family, environment, government, business world, and technology media.


The purpose of character education

The purpose of character education is to form a strong person, good moral, tolerant, cooperative or mutual cooperation. In addition, Character education also forms a person who has a patriotic soul or likes to help others, growing dynamically, and also oriented to science and technology.


That’s some knowledges about character building and education that you may need to know. I hope this article will be helpful and give you some reference about character and education.