How to Write a Good Article

Before starting to write an article, of course we must know what is meant by the article. Writing a paper is not as easy as you think. We should also consider the quality of the content, the type of article to be written, the theme of the article, and so on. Before discussing how to write a good article further, let us know in advance what the article is?


Article Definition

The article is a tangible piece of paper, such as magazine essays, news reports, newspaper reports and many more examples of articles you can find out and learn. The article can also be a short essay, ranging from 300 to 1,000 words, addressing a particular theme aimed at conveying the mind to a reality, in the form of facts, concepts or opinions.


Article Writing Steps

Broadly speaking, the steps to write articles can we share the following 5 important points:

  • Define a Theme

The theme must be specific. The more specific the more interest the read.

  • Set the goal of writing

Most articles, especially in article type descriptions and narrations, do not state the purpose of writing explicitly, but rather implied.

  • Define the main idea or problem

Usually the formulation of the problem in the form of questions. It’s just that in the article writing description and narration, the problem formulation is not written but hidden behind the flow of writing (Later I explain with the example below).

  • Develop themes and discussions according to the type of articles (further details I outlined below)
  • Make a conclusion. The conclusion makes it easy. You can make it well if the logic or the flow of your article is correct.


Deciding Articles Type

Here I will explain how the writing of each form or type of articles and examples.

  1. Article Description

Article description is an essay that aims to write a picture of a fact so that the reader can imagine it in the mind. I prefer to call it a picture article. For one hundred percent of this article contains an overview of circumstances, events, events.


  1. Article Narrative

This type of article is intended to describe a situation or situation, either in the order of time or sequence of events. I prefer to name it as a story article.


  1. Article Exposition

This type of article is an essay that aims to describe a topic. Can be a description of the definition, function, part and usefulness of a concept. Can also be a step, way or process of doing something. I prefer to call it an exhibition article.


  1. Argumentation Articles

This article is in the form of articles of opinion (personal opinion, organization or institution). The writing is motivated by criticism of an opinion, state or policy. The author will usually enter his personal or group opinion into a vulgar writing, of course with data or facts that support. So, this opinion can attract support from readers. I prefer to call it an opinion article.


  1. Persuasion Articles

This type of article is also famous for motivation article. Because the writing is persuasive alias. The effect can move the reader to do or follow something and otherwise leave something behind. I prefer to refer to it as a persuasion article.